Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Rumor Roundup: TV to Watch this Week

    Tuesday, April 22nd-
    • Buffy (8pm) "Bring On the Night" is a repeat. I'm glad-I need a break after last week's intense kill-fest.
    • 24 (9pm) "Day 2: 3:00 - 4:00AM, Episode #220" is a new episode: Kingsley's men torture Jack in order to obtain the computer chip that will prove the Cyprus recording is a fake; Tony continues to process intelligence to support a military attack. Last week, Jack died at the end of last week's torture-filled episode and those friendly paramilitaries were doing CPR on him. Ah, the ironies of working for CTU. Also last week, the preview showed our friendly presidential chief of staff lady getting thrown down several flights of stairs and presumably dying. Too bad-I liked her.
    • Smallville (9pm) is new also.

    Wednesday, April 23rd-
    • Dawson's Creek (8pm) "Catch-22", Episode #620" is new: When Pacey sells stock just days before a federal ruling, he gets accused of insider trading.
    • Enterprise (8pm) "The Breach" is new: Dr. Phlox is asked to treat an alien from a species hostile toward his race. Hopefully it's better than last weeks episode, which was sorely disappointing. Why don't they just bring back ST Voyager and return to the days where things got 'blowed up real good?"
    • Angel (9pm) "Sacrifice", Episode #420" is new: Angel escapes from Jasmine's spell and flees into the sewers for protection; Connor discovers that Cordelia has vanished. At the end of last week's episode, Fred had managed to use Jasmine's (and Cordelia's) blood to break the spell over the rest of Angel, Inc. except for Conner - mixing his blood with hers did not break the brainwashing spell that Jasmine seems to be emanating.
    • Extreme Engineering (9pm) over on Discovery Channel is a fascinating look at HUGE construction and engineering projects. Last week was the Tokyo's Sky City, a massive self-contained city towering 2/3 of mile up. Up this week: City in a Pyramid-Shimizu's Pyramid City contains dozens of 100-story skyscrapers with more than a million workers.
    • Twilight Zone (9pm) is new: The Pharaoh's Curse; The Collection. A magician (Xander Berkeley) decides to pass on his famous trick to a rival; a baby sitter (Jessica Simpson) fears a child's doll collection is linked to the disappearance of previous sitters.
    • Good Eats (9pm) is a great cooking show. Do yourself a favor and watch it just once.
    • Tech TV (9:30) is always a good choice. Sumi Das - Ummmmm.

    Thursday, April 24th-
    • Friends is a new one - Ross invites an attractive paleontologist (Aisha Tyler) to a rooftop ``Days of Our Lives'' party being thrown by Joey. Because Scrubs is over for the season, you'll get a Friends repeat at 8:30.
    • Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies (8pm) is two hours of the pop star sharing footage of his clips of family and friends. Like watching a train wreck actually happening.
    • CSI (9pm) is a new one about a comedian dying on stage - literally.
    • The Day the Earth Nearly Died (10pm) on Discovery covers the Permian mass extinction, the worst disaster ever to hit Earth.

    Friday, April 25th-
    • Nothing worth watching, unless you count a CSI repeat at 10pm.

    Saturday, April 26th-
    • Nothing except Cops and America's Most Wanted, two shows that always deliver.
    • Mad TV is a repeat but has Godsmack performing.

    Sunday, April 27th-
    • Simpsons is new: Dude, Where's My Ranch, Episode #1413-David Byrne offers to produce the song Homer wrote about his hatred for neighbor Ned Flanders.
    • Alias is new: Countdown-The agency races to stop an apocalyptic event prophesized by a Rambaldi artifact; a Nepalese monk (David Carradine) makes a life-changing revelation to Sloane. There was no episode last week - it was Easter Sunday and they showed Ben Hur.
    • No Dead Zone on USA this week.

Run, Kim, Run! Who knew mountain lions and tight t-shirts went together? Big fans of 24 are going to love this! The Washington Post on Sunday carried one of the funniest, most clearly articulated discussions of the ludicrious nature of Kim Bauer's various adventures. Thoughtful and insightful, I found myself re-reading it several times Sunday and yesterday. Fans of the show or people interested in mountain lions should do themselves a favor and check it out.

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