Monday, June 2, 2003

Entertainment News and Reviews

Bruce Almighty Review - This was a fine, fine movie. Well done from almost all aspects, this really reminded me of Liar, Liar, the last Jim Carrey/Tom Shaydac effort - if you liked that wonderful, hilarious film, you'll love this outing. Taking things to a deeper level but still playing with the concept of magical intervention into an everyday joe's normal life, Shaydac spins a yarn that will keep you in stitches while making you ponder some of the 'bigger questions' in life. This film actually got me thinking seriously about the existence of God and His level of influence on our daily lives. Don't worry, it doesn't get too preachy - Morgan Freeman does a wonderful job of keeping it light and fun while trying to impart to the implacable Bruce his divine lesson. My favorite part? As soon as he gets 'God's Powers,' Bruce embarks on a quest to 'right some wrongs in his life,' but it is the unintended consequences that make him realize that his powers are more far reaching - and daunting - than he thought. A good mix of comedy and drama, with some heart-tugging in there, to keep you on your toes. A great date movie, and a fun and thought-provoking outing -- more than you can expect (or deserve) from a Summer Blockbuster. This film has LONG legs - I would see it again. 8 of 10.

Survivor News - I'm sure you've heard by now, but the upcoming Survivor 8 (can you believe it's been around that long?) will be a twist on the normal plan - a reunion show, starring past winners and popular contestants. Get ready to see Susan, Rudy, and Richard from Season 1, Tina, Ethan, and my personal favorite, Jerri. They will vie for a $2 million prize, plotting and scheming on the tropical Pearl Island, near Panama. And maybe they've heard the rumblings (and falling ratings) and continued to alter the format, pumping up the excitement sorely missing from the last few outings. "We want the feeling of unruliness," says Survivor host Jeff Probst.

Interesting News Tidbits:

Caught ya! - Eric Rudolph, suspected Olympic bomber and prime suspect in two abortion clinic bombings, was caught over the weekend and will stand trial in Alabama first. According to the Washington Post, Attorney General John D. Ashcroft announced today that federal officials will first prosecute former fugitive Eric Robert Rudolph in Birmingham in connection with a bombing that killed an off-duty police officer and severely injured a nurse at an abortion clinic.

Slum World - Those crazy folks over at Habitat for Humanity, the nonprofit group that builds low-cost housing, is opening an unorthodox ''theme park'' at its world headquarters this week designed to give tourists a look at the world's worst slums, according to Reuters.

Get the Point? - Chucky is alive and well and living in Florida - and stabbing people, evidently. Okay, it was just a guy in a Chucky mask, but it's still VERY creepy.

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