Thursday, August 21, 2003

Movie and TV News:

Amazing Race 4. SPOILERS!! If you TIVO'd it and haven't watched it yet, go watch! Otherwise, congratulations to Chip and Richen for winning the Million dollars! I was rooting for Jon and Kelly, but it was a great race all the way down to the finish line outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Jon and Kelly made it interesting but the Chippendales beat them by several minutes and claimed the prize. The third team was still stuck in Hawaii and found out they had lost via a message in one of the clue boxes. Again, a well-run race by everyone involved. CBS--RENEW THE AMAZING RACE FOR ANOTHER SEASON or I'll boycott your network. Keep the BEST REALITY SHOW ON TV on the air!!

Amazing Race 4. TV WARNING! TV WARNING! The one hour season finale (and perhaps the series finale if the fools at CBS don't renew the show) of The Amazing Race is on tonight from 8 to 10 pm. Here's the TV Guide review. Who are you hoping wins? I was pulling for the clowns but they got eliminated two weeks ago, so now my money's on Jon and Kelly. I like her attitude! Tune in tonight to catch the BEST REALITY SHOW ON TV and see who wins the million dollars!

We forgive you for're just too darned cute! Miss Match. The stunningly-cute Alicia Silverstone is starring in a new show this fall over on NBC titled "Miss Match," where she plays "a sharp divorce attorney in her father's law firm and by night has a knack for matchmaking, which she considers a hobby until a socialite bride credits Kate for her romantic success in the press and word of her talent spreads" or so the NBC press release reads. Unfortunately, Amy Heckerling (creator/writer of "Clueless" and "Fast Times...") isn't involved in this retread of Silverstone's "Clueless" character-instead, Darren Star is behind it, the spotty writer-director of Beverly Hills 90210 and Sex in the City, and stinkers like "Central Park West." Needless to say, he's hit or miss.

Matrix Revolutions. The TRAILER is out and available for download. Too cool! Here's hoping they don't have another cheesy rave scene - I never need to see that again! And why'd they have to kill off the Keymaster? He had the coolest title of anyone in the series...

Vote for me! YUM! California Election. Too busy to keep up with who's winning and who isn't? Taco Bell is doing the work for you - just visit a Taco Bell in California (or "Kah-lee-fornia" as Ahh-nuld pronounces it) and buy a vote! Track the winners at their election coverage site. They've got three items on the menu - the regular taco is Arnold, the Chicken taco (are they making a comment there?) is the current Governor Davis, and their Grilled Stuft Burrito represents the oth 134 candidates. Nothing like getting lumped together! I wonder how the other candidates feel about that? And why won't they let you vote for the CHIHUAHUA dog?

Enterprise. Not sure if this rates as 'news' or not, but it looks like they're going to spiff up T'Pol's wardrobe over on Enterprise - nothing '7 of 9'ish or anything crazy, just jazzing it up a bit. There are pictures here and an article here - go crazy! I also heard they're adding another female cast member - I think she's part of the commando team that'll be taking up permanent residence on board the ship. More to come on that later...

Melissa George from the short-lived Fox series Roar!  - here she's a redhead...and evidently can't afford the whole outfit. Alias. Wonder what happened during Sydney's two-year 'time out?' Well, looks like Agent Vaughn went out, dated for ONE MINUTE and got married. And it looks like he rebounds pretty well - not overly concerned with the freakish vanishing act pulled by his sweetie (last seen TRASHING her own nicely-decorated home), his new bride is a serious hottie. How will Sydney deal with it? I'm sure we'll find out...but I bet it involves kicking something or dressing up in a Swedish Milkmaid outfit.

Capt'n Jack Sparrow as Mr. Willy Wonka? Rumors are circulating that Johnny Depp, fresh off his inebriated outing as Captain Jack Sparrow, may be signing up to run Tim Burton's Chocolate Factory next year. His agent is evidently in talks. Makes sense - he seems quirky and offbeat enough and also seems to be one of Burton's favorite guinea pigs...Variety is reporting it, but since they make you sign up, here's the report on Cinescape. Will Johnny get the golden ticket?

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