Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Cool Car! Okay, so you're driving along and the bridge in front of you is out and you need to cross. What to do? Well, just drive your car into the water and it converts into a speedboat. Okay, maybe not YOUR car, but this sweet car converts back and forth at the touch of a button. And it looks great, too - I want one! It can go 100mph on land and up to 30mph in the water, 6 times faster than any previous car-to-boat conversion vehicle. Looks like something James Bond would buy, doesn't it?

TV News

Alias. Here are a bunch of rumors from the new T.V. Guide explaining some of what happened in the two years that Sydney can't remember. "The big Spike/Angel TV Guide turned up in the mail Tuesday, and it came loaded with all kinds of spoilers about three shows. We already covered most (if not all) the juicy stuff revealed about "Angel" and "Survivor," but spoilers for “Alias” have been pretty tough to come by this summer -- so for those who haven’t gotten their hot little hands on the issue, here’s some of what Syd learns about the two missing years..."

New TV Shows for the Fall Season. Here's a great list from AICN of what's coming to TV this season. "Every summer, all summer long, thousands of e-mails. What looks good this coming season? Where’s the the next “Gilmore Girls,” the next “Gideon’s Crossing,” the next “24,” the next “Alias,” the next “Firefly,” the next “Miracles”? Alright already! It’s Sept. 2. The launch of “Whoopi” is seven days away. The season premieres of “Enterprise” and “Jake 2.0” are eight days from now. The season’s really here! And here are the 10 new series to which we're most looking forward..."

24 - Season 2 and 3. There are a crop of deleted scenes in the new 24 - Season 2 box set, including an alternate ending - with NINA! Read about it at AICN.

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