Thursday, September 11, 2003

TV and Movie News

Enterprise. Rating: 2 Lame, lame, lame. I was really hoping the new season of Enterprise, which launched last night, would signal a turning point for this historically boring space-fest...alas, I was as disappointed with last night's sluggish outing as I have been with the entire series. Throw in the insipid new theme song (the old theme song, 'jazzed' up a little to make it sound even sillier, if that was possible), overly-polite Marines, and a HORRIBLY-GRATUITOUS topless scene with T'Pol in her new hair/outfit, and the evening was a bitter pill to swallow. I'm unsure how one team of writers can make a prison break so tedious and boring, but they somehow manage to make me want to drift off to sleep even during the most 'exciting' parts. Read another 'review' of this show here.
BOTTOM LINE: This is the last season for Enterprise unless drastic changes are made.

Jake 2.0. Rating: ? In striking contrast, the next show up on UPN last night was Jake 2.0, which I didn't stay up for. Contrasting greatly with Enterprise, the writing was wittier and snappier before the opening credits than anything in the entire Enterprise episode. UPN would do themselves a favor by 1) keeping this show on for a while, and 2) moving it away from Enterprise or it will continue to show Enterprise viewers how poorly constructed their show can be in comparison...

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. You love the show, but the guys working on it make less than you do! From the Smoking Gun: The "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" guys may be the hottest things on TV, but you'd never know it from their paychecks. That's because Fab 5 members are only getting $3000 per episode during the show's first year, according to contracts signed months before the Bravo program's July debut.

Angel - Season 5. Strong rumors are floating around out there that Buffy is probably going to make an ONE OR TWO SHOW APPEARANCE during the February/March sweeps period next year, with other Buffy cast members dropping in for guest appearances. Spike will be a show regular when the new season start October 1st.

The Matrix Revolutions to Premiere at Disney Hall is reporting that The Matrix Revolutions will world premiere at the Disney Hall on October 27, 10 days before the national premiere on November 5.

Gladiator 2 tidbits. The script is done - it will follow the first film and concentrate on Lucilla's son, Lucius. Russell Crowe will not be involved, says director Ridley Scott, insisting that the action in Gladiator 2 will take place entirely outside the Coliseum, abandoning the first film's gladiatorial focus.

Spiderman 2. Sounds like they're planning on showing the first preview for Spiderman 2 during either the Matrix Revolutions or Return of the King theatrical premieres...

Other News

Computers Can Talk Here's a fun item - type in the words and a computer-generated voice dictates them back to you. My buddy Andy sent this link to me - thanks, man! I'm pretty sure I like Audrey the best...

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