Monday, December 15, 2003

The Cylons Are Back ...

... whether you want them or not. A refurbished-for-the-new-millenium "Battlestar Gallactica" miniseries debuted December 8 on the Sci-Fi Channel. Die-hard fans of the original series will note that artistic liberties have been taken with the new version. Starbuck, originally played by a trouser-bulging Dirk Benedict, has been revisioned as a female, played by a winning Katee Sackhoff. The New York Times writes that Katee's Starbuck has "the gyno-machismo of the pop singer Pink .... still enjoys a good cigar and sends vibes Apollo's way that are both protective and seductive." Lorne Green's Adama is portrayed by Edward James Olmos, and Apollo by Jamie Bamber, lately one of the brothers in HBO's "Band of Brothers."

If the miniseries is well received, a new Sci-Fi series could be planned. Sci-Fi will tell you all about it on their website.

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