Tuesday, December 30, 2003

NY Times and WS Journal Weigh in on the Year's Top Movies 'n' Stuff

NYT's top critics each mark 10 (or so) highlights in their respective fields — movies, TV, theatre, art, architecture, dance, and music (including pop, jazz, and classical). On the Web, these lists include links to related reviews, slide shows, and audio clips. The critics also converse with one another about the year's missed opportunities and flat-out failures. Note that you do need to register (but not pay) to view articles on the NYT website.

WSJ's Joe Morgenstern lists his top movies of 2003 in the pub's New Year's eve issue. Sadly, you do have to be a WSJ subscriber to view the site ... but for those of you who are ... his commentary is well-written and well-though-out, as always.

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