Monday, October 25, 2004

Lost - the Best Show on TV (Right Now)

If you aren't watching Lost, give it a shot Wednesday night at 8pm. Following the individual stories of 47 survivors of a horrific plane crash, they struggle to find water and shelter and tend to the wounded while awaiting rescue. Yes, it's a B-movie premise that's been done a thousand times, but JJ Abrams, whose 'Alias' is famous for convoluted storylines and abrupt plot twists that require entire seasons to explain, pumps up the tension by having some of the castaways picked off monster movie fashion by some VERY large, unseen creature. Spielberg could have taken a few lessons from Abrams for his Jurassic Park films - sometimes, the thing unseen is far more frightening. Food and water should be at the top of the survivors list, but the show is also following a unique approach - each episode, while furthering the overall plot, tends to concentrate on the backstory of one individual or family. Last week, we learned why Jack was on the plane-he was returning from Australia with a coffin containing the body of his father, brought down on vacation by one drinking binge too many. Other episodes have concentrated on Kate, the female lead, and creepy Locke, who proves that the accident wasn't bad for everyone-he regained the use of his paralyzed legs miraculously after the crash, waking up and moving his foot.

Calling Lost the Best Show on TV isn't really fair with Deadwood on hiatus and the entire Fox lineup (Arrested Development, Simpsons) delayed with by the baseball playoffs, but there are so few really well done shows on television that we felt the need to crown an early victor. Joan of Arcadia is currently distracted with a lengthly side plot involving the family being sued by the young man who caused Kevin's paralysis, and the plot for me is too sad and drawn out to get behind. All bets are off come November 7th, the season premiere of Arrested Development, the funniest show on last season and coming off a strong and unexpected Emmy win for Best Comedy.

Lost links: TV Tome, San Francisco Chronicle, Official site.

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