Tuesday, January 18, 2005

24 Review - 11am to 12pm

Again, the action is slowed but many plots were advanced on last night's episode.

1. Jack tracks the kidnapper only to have the man discover he's beeing followed and commit suicide by driving his truck into an oncoming cement mixer. Sweet. But because the guy had called ahead to let them know he wouldn't be there EVER the folks at CTU were able to guess where Secretary Heller and his daughter are being held. Jack arrived at the end of the episode.

2. Nothing much else happened. No, I'm serious. Erin Driscoll's crazy daughter arrived at CTU and was being examined by their medical staff, Chloe was forced out of CTU and was escorted from the building, and the nutty Sleeper Cells got rid of Debbie's body and talked her mother, who showed up looking for her, into going away. And here I thought the bodies were going to start piling up in their basement.

3. Nuke them from Orbit. At the end of the episode Jack was skulking around outside the compound, suiting up (which essentially means putting on a jacket and then filling the pockets of said jacket with many, many guns) when Driscoll told him to stand down - the President had ordered a military strike of the compound with Heller and his daughter still inside. Better to do that then have them executed live on TV. Well, needless to say Jack didn't agree and started down the hill toward the compound to rescue them. Did I mention he's ROGUE!?

4. Previews. Jack infiltrates the compound and GUESS? He shoots some people! A lot! He needs to try decaf. The episode shows Jack talking to Audrey, so we know he gets that far at least. My guess is he finds her, tells her "I'll be back," then sets off to rescue the father before he can be killed.

Is it just me or is the 12am/12pm thing confusing? I can never remember if 12pm follows 11pm or 11am. Oh well - maybe someday we'll become a military state and go on military time.

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