Wednesday, January 12, 2005

24 Review - 9am to 11am

While the pacing remains high, less actually 'happened' on the next two segments of 24 which aired Monday night. Here is a rundown - if you haven't seen it, don't read this! I can describe what happened but the show's producers do a much better job of presenting than I can.

1. Jack Goes Even 'Roguer': To track the Internet designer and his kidnapper, Jack calls Chloe and asks for help even though Erin Driscoll has announced that Jack is rogue and no one is to help him. Jack tracks the kidnapper, who stops to interrogate the designer and then leaves him with two thugs to execute. Jack uses a sniper rifle and kills the thugs, then calls 9-11 to pick up the injured designer. Jack tracks the kidnapper, convinced he will lead Jack to Heller's location. When Chloe can't get satellite tracking, Jack waits until the kidnapper stops for gas, then goes in and HOLDS THE PLACE UP, trapping the kidnapper. Seeing Jack pretend to lose it and actually act like a criminal was great. As the show ends, Jack is tracking the released kidnapper and Chloe has him on satellite but the cops stop Jack and arrest him for the store holdup. Sweet.

2. Heller and the Hot Daughter: Nothing much happened here except that crazy-man Heller staged an escape attempt and kills three thugs before he is recaptured. Now if he can try four or five more escape attempts, he might whitle down the numbers.

3. Sadistic Mommy: The mom of the sleeper cell family tests her son by telling him he needs to kill Debbie, his girlfriend. She invites Debbie over to the house to talk, then tells her son to do it. When the kid refuses and tries to escape with the girl - whoops, Mommy already poisoned her tea! Oops! And the best part? As they are standing over the dead girl's body, she SENDS HIM TO HIS ROOM for not killing her first! Ha ha! Good parenting!

4. Previews: Looks like Jack somehow gets away from the cops as he is shown shooting a very large semi-automatic weapon and sliding down the hill near the holding compound. Debbie's mother shows up at the sleeper cell's house - "I'm just looking for my daughter." That pile of bodies in the basement is about to get bigger. We still don't know about the stolen metal briefcase or the 'device' mentioned earlier, but the government DID 'change all the codes' that the Secretary of Defense had access to,' so they've got that going for them. Which is nice.

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