Wednesday, January 26, 2005

24 Review - Noon to 1pm

Have I mentioned that Jack Bauer is an ass-kicker? Well, by the end of this episode, I'm not the only one holding that opinion. Ye-haw!

1. Jack Rides into Town, stomping and a-whomping every living thing within an inch of its life. Except for the women-folk, of course. Jack DEFIES the President and does this sweet slide down the hill into the terrorist compound. (How come I've never slid down a hill into a terrorist compound?) He shoots one guy, then another, then another - oh my God! He races inside and just as the terrorists are about to execute Secretary of Defense Heller live on the Internet(s), Jack shoots them. Sweet! He frees the Secretary and he and Heller race through the compound, shooting. Let me tell you, they make a great team! Audrey is held at gunpoint but she stabs him in the leg just as the Army Commandos arrive to kill the main badguy. Heller and Jack and Audrey are fine and return to CTU for debrief. Heller allows CTU to continue torturing his son to find out what he knows.

2. The Briefcase - Oh my God, we find out that the briefcase contains a piece of electronics known as The Override, which lets the owner take control of any or all NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS in the US. Ouch! As soon as they find this out, CTU kicks into high gear and tries to figure out what to do next.

3. Listen to Your Mother - the sleeper cell kid is waiting to dispose of the girlfriend's body when a VERY MEAN looking dude shows up to 'clean up the mess.' The kid rightly thinks he will be executed and buried alongside the girl when he's is asked to come along and help dig. The kid is a MEAN shot with a shovel and knocks the dude out and escapes.

4. Omarosa turns out to be working for the badguys. I know her name isn't Omarosa but it just fits so well.

5. Previews showed the sleeper cell kid getting picked up by his Mommy! Will he not learn?


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