Friday, January 7, 2005

Pepsi Refutes Rumor

We here at BTG like to stay on top of the latest internet/email rumors circulating through cyberspace, such as the new Pepsi Can emal we just received. Supposedly, the email claims, Pepsi is releasing a patriotic can that, for politically-correct reasons, omits the words 'Under God' from the included text of the Pledge of Allegiance. We haven't been able to find any evidence or photos of such packaging, and Pepsi is vehemently denying it on their official website. Turns out this is a rehashed rumor that targeted Dr. Pepper cans back in 2002. In that case, Dr. Pepper did in fact produce and distribute cans that contained the words 'One Nation' and 'Indivisable' at the top of their package, wrapping around the can. Some saw this as an omission of the two words that come between them in the Pledge and got upset. Oh well.

(Original Content Alert - someone at BTG actually wrote the above words. Please credit appropriately. Thanks)

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