Tuesday, November 1, 2005


I'm not making this up. A GIANT numeral 2 appeared in the center of the eye of Hurricane Wilma just as she was making landfall near Naples, Florida. I kid you not. Follow the link to read more about it. The TV station that broadcast the radar went back and checked their recordings and yup, there it was in all its glory. Whoa.

From the TV station's website: "LEE COUNTY— While watching NBC2 coverage of Hurricane Wilma about two dozen residents called the station reporting an unusual sighting. While watching a Doppler loop of Hurricane Wilma coming ashore, a number two appeared in the eye of the storm. In going back through the recorded Doppler loop, we found exactly what viewers were talking about. The image below was not altered in any way - it's a screen capture from the Doppler system."

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