Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random News

Hey, I read a lot. What can I say.

  • Army Active Denial System is a new weapon with a 500-yard range that makes you feel like you're on fire. (CNN)
  • WOW: Burning Crusade is selling like gangbusters and is the fastest selling game ever (
  • You're not allowed to talk at lunch any more (
  • Amazing Race 11 is coming - the All Star edition. Watch out for those coal miners! (CBS)
  • Sailing on the QE2? Don't forget your barf bags (SciTech News)
  • Get ready to pay through the nose for all those corn tortillas - not to mention popcorn! (MSNBC)
  • There's the Space Shuttle and the crew of the Starship Enterprise except for Kirk, who must be taking the picture. But why would anyone buy those green shoes? (Geek Crack)
  • This crazy Spider Ship makes knots and looks like a big praying mantis skimming along the surface. Extremely coll (Tomorrow's Tech)
  • Fox doesn't like clips of 24 getting posted to YouTube (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Watch out - crazy lights in the sky (Charlotte Observer)
  • Huh? Eric Roberts to join the cast of Heroes (SciFi Wire)
  • These crazy lights are explained - unmanned Russian cargo ship lifts off for Space Station (SciTech News)

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