Saturday, January 20, 2007

Doctor Who Joins "Heroes"

Fans of Doctor Who are excited to see that the last Doctor, previous to the current one (we are not fans of that scrawny old thing), will be joining the cast of NBC's hit Heroes as a character knowingly named Claude Rains with the power to become invisible. It is unknown who long we'll be around, but he's a welcome addition to an already stellar show. Will he retain his almost impenetrable accent? Get those captions on if you want to understand what he's saying...By the way, the 1933 film version of the H.G. Wells classic The Invisible Man was played by 30's actor Claude Rains. For more info, see Christopher Eccleston joins "Heroes."

UPDATE: In other good for Heroes fans, the show has been renewed by NBC for a second season, so all of our friends will be around next year, fighting the good fight. No word yet on what the plot will involve - I think we can safely speculate that this season will end with the nuclear bomb NOT going off in New York City, some new plot will be revealed to explore next year, and at least one more major character will be killed off before the end of the season...

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