Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mutageneration Ceremony for Gessel, the Tri-felg of Put-ah-nach

"Now begins the sixth of the twenty-eight stages of the Mutageneration for Gessel, the Tri-felg of Put-ah-nach and Ruler of KuJ'ach and the Outerlands, Destroyer of the Naan-Sphere, and the Archtect of the Treaty of Hau Ta-ac a Nu Se.

Emissaries for the Quad Kingdoms have travelled many Klaggs to witness the ceremony: the BeJaah, Woo-Botox of Gerand Seven, and the still-living brain of the Mighty Kepel, today being carried by the simbiote Vuunt in his jewel-encrusted ceremonial Stasis Orb."

This is the funniest YouTube video I have ever seen.

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