Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Monday TV Recaps

Monday nights has gotten rough for the old TV watcher as there are 5 things on I normally watch. Here's what I do:

  1. Watch Prison Break live in HD,
  2. Watch 24 live in low-def while I tape Heroes in HD,
  3. Watch recorded Heroes in HD while I tape Studio 60 in HD and CSI-Miami in low-def,
  4. Watch recorded Studio 60 in HD.
  5. Watch CSI-Miami sometime later.
Whew! Why do I watch all these shows? Because they're great? Here's the recaps. Don't read these if you're spoiler-averse, but I've put the real spoilers in Inviso-text...

Prison Break: "Prisoners on a Train" is what this should have been called as our main characters spend almost the entire episode on a train. The fugitives reunite with the tasty Sara Tancreti and she's less-than-excited that they are now running buddies with the Agent who tried to drown her four episodes ago. Needless to say, the first chance she gets she tries to kill him. After, she and Wentworth Miller almost get it on in the ladies bathroom before the cops try to stop the train with a roadblock. IT'S A TRAIN! For the future, in case you need to know, you can't stop a train with two Ford Tauruses. I fast forwarded through the other storylines as I could care less. Turns out the President didn't call the Agent to try and bring him in - his Asian boss was using a voice-modulator to fake her voice. Coolage! Ending in Inviso-text: I can't remember the ending. Pretty boring.

24 Season 6: Ha Ha This was a better episode than last week, where no much of nothing happened that I didn't even recap it. Jack and Zephram Cochrane escape they're execution with relative ease (more on that later) and Cochrane turns to his sons and slowly nods his head. "That'll do, Jack. That'll do." Okay, that didn't really happen, but I couldn't help myself. They catch Jack's brother Graem back at his house and torture him and he ADMITS TO KILLING DAVID PALMER or at least setting it all up. He tells Jack he had Tony and Michelle killed and tried to pin it all on Jack. Great look on Jack's face when he realizes his own family would stoop that low. Ending in Inviso-text: Shocker-turns out Jack's daddy is bad. He doesn't believe Graem will be able to resist CTU questioning and kills him. Yuck.

Heroes: Claire lies to her mom and brings Zack with her to meet her mom, who turns out to be a firestarter but isn't named Charlie and doesn't work for the company. She can light her cigarettes with her fingers, though - think of all the money she saves on matches! CLICK ON CLAIRE'S PICTURE TO SEE HER FICTIONAL MYSPACE PAGE. Doctor Who helps Peter try to learn how to control his powers and convinces him that no one in the world cares for him, including talking him into spying on his girlfriend who is hanging around the painter, hoping he can help her find Peter after he disappeared from his hotel room. Endings in Inviso-text: Doctor Who pushes Peter off a building, hoping to make him fly. Instead, he falls to his death but REGENERATES even though Claire is 2,000 miles away. Doctor Who tells him that his body can remember how to do all these special things, he just has to learn how to control it. And I saw this coming two weeks ago, but Claire's mom the firestarter calls Claire's dad to let him know that Clair tracked her down. It's Nathan Patrelli. I guess he has a thing for blonds. And that makes Peter Claire's uncle. Yuck. Oh, and did anyone else notice the licence plate on Hiro's father's (played by George Takei, Sulu on the original Star Trek) car? That's right - NCC-1701, the Starfleet number for the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Nice one, guys!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: Trapped on the Roof part 2 as Jordan and Danny verbally spar. Matt and Harry continue to argue at the dinner and Jack and the mouse help the viola prodigy up off the floor and back to Studio 60 to sober up. Ending in Inviso-text: Jordan confesses to Danny her feelings for him and they kiss. Harry and Matt end things for good (supposedly) and Jack gets the Asian Businessman's backing to stall the Macua deal. If any of that doesn't make sense to you, just watch. It's the most densely-plotted show on TV and I'm skipping three other storylines.

If you want real episode recaps instead of my quickies, go where I go: Television without Pity. They are the best.

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