Thursday, April 17, 2003

Reviews: Buffy, 24, Enterprise

Buffy: Review-A new and potentially VERY bad guy wanders into town. Caleb (the captain from "Firefly") works for the First and evidently is behind a lot of the problems - he calls the bringers 'his guys' and sets up a fight with Buffy that ends up: getting Buffy and Faith and everyone's else's ass kicked, Xander gets an eye put out, and two/three (couldn't tell) of the 'potentials' dead. This show is certainly cycling up for the Series Finale on May 20th. I'm just hoping Joss knows what he's doing and doesn't kill everyone off.

24: Review-Good episode, but not a lot happened. Jack recovered the chip and gave it to Kate and the Middle Eastern guy, then Jack gets caught and spends the whole rest of the episode getting tortured (GROSS) and then 'dies' at the end. They were giving him CPR - we know he's not dead, but wow. Kate and the Middle Eastern guy can't get the chip to CTU because they get jumped by a bunch of red necks and get the crap kicked out of them. We find out about what's going on with the two CTU ladies, and Tony finally gets to kiss the cute one. NO SIGN OF KIM this episode - maybe she's gone to sleep. It is 2 am for God's sake. Ow, and we found out the little short presidential advisor guy is dirty.

Enterprise: Review-Another lame episode - this one was about the pilot (the most boring character in a group of boring characters) and his family of traders. Yawn. This cast needs a shakeup -- I was praying the Klingon lawyer OR ANYONE would be added to the cast to kick it up a notch. STTNG got better when they killed off Tasha Yar, and STVoyager didn't really pick up steam until Tes left and 7 of 9 joined. Come on, people - this show is boring us to death.

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