Thursday, April 17, 2003

Rumor Roundup: Angel and Buffy

Angel: The WB has announced some of its returning shows and Angel has not been listed among them yet, but the people over at TV Guide is reporting that the show will very likely be picked up for another year. No word yet from any sources on any potential Buffy spinoff/continuation series or what channel might pick it up.

Buffy: We DO know that there will be some type of Angel/Buffy crossover - I would guess Angel showing up on Buffy and not the other way around. Willow was on Angel three weeks ago and Faith has appeared on both shows in the past three weeks, so it's getting to be almost too much to keep track of! Here's hoping Buffy goes out with an announcement for a follow-on show ("Dawn the Vampire Slayer," anyone?) and that Angel is still around next year. Lots of unconfirmed rumors flying about the last Buffy - I've heard both Xander and Spike die, but I've heard the opposite. Nothing solid yet. Rumor on Spoiler Zone has Spike sacrificing himself to save Buffy and take out the First. Would be interesting.

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