Friday, May 2, 2003

TV News and Reviews: Buffy, Angel and Enterprise

Angel: It has been a slam-bam couple of weeks over on Angel, where the gang have finally put down the Jasmine menace but may have lost Conner forever. Oh, and TV GUIDE had a great article on how good Buffy and Angel have been lately - check it out. Here you go: Angel travelled to an alternate realm (via those ever-present portals) where they have worshipped Jasmine (in a different, non-human form) for millenia. To discover Jasmine's true name, Angel fights the Keeper of the Name, the only being on that world who knows her true name, the one thing that has power over her. Meanwhile, the Angel team is captured by Conner and he about to begin executing them when Jasmine summons him and the others "intact" to her. The Angel team is locked in the 'impervious' 9x10 metal cage in the basement as Conner speaks with Jasmine. She tells him she will be 'out-of-touch' for a while as she feeds on a ROOM FULL of devout worshippers and that he is to guard the Angel team and watch out for Angel. Instead, while she is out of contact, Conner searches for and finds Cordelia. We also learn that he has never been under Jasmine's spell - instead, he has always seen her true visage and has been a willing follower. As Jasmine prepares to make her worldwide television debut, spreading her hypnotic message to the entire planet, Angel reappears through the vortex and holds up the head of the Keeper of the Name, who speaks Jasmine't true name and breaks the spell. The Angel team breaks out and races up into the hotel to find it empty. Angel and Jasmine fight for control of the planet until Connor appears and saves Angel from Jamin'es deadly rage, killing her in the process. and coldly kills Jasmine, showing no emotion as he kills her and walks away. There's a surprise twist at the end as Angel returns to the team and LYLA, who's been dead for several weeks since the bad Cordelia killed her back in February, appears, telling Angel and his team that Wolfram and Hart has something big in store for them, the "fulfillment of all their dreams."

buffy cast Buffy review Caleb's back, Faith gets arrested, Giles sends Spike and Andrew on a mission to a mission, the Potential's kick ass and free Faith, Spike likes Bloomin Onions, Buffy and Caleb fight, Spike chats with a member of Caleb's order and hears of something that Buffy alone is to wield, Buffy calls everyone together and announces that they are going to go back into the Vineyard and fight Caleb - and then all hell breaks loose as EVERYONE, including Xander and Willow, disagree with Buffy in unison. A vote is announced as to which slayer they should follow, Buffy or Faith. At this point, Buffy walks out, leaving everyone to fight with Faith - "Lead them," she says as she turns and walks away. As my wife tends to say at the end of every Buffy or Angel..."Okay, didn't see that coming" Of course, that's what Joss does best.

Enterprise: This show continues to disappoint on a regular basis - the only thing enjoyable about this episode was the BORG-FILLED preview for next week, which begs the question: How can they encounter the Borg and it not destroy the "Q introduces Picard and the Enterprise to the Borg on Next Generation" timeline? Will the captain and his crew fight the Borg, then conveniently forget about it? My psychic powers are telling me there will be a time-travel explanation involved, or one of those ever-convenient 'alternate time line' explanations. Anyway, this weeks episode was another weak one (3 in a row) about Trip trying to 'liberate' a third gender member of an alien species. It was a VERY thinly veiled nod to the women's movement and the oppression of one of our genders - and not creatively handled, to boot. Trip teaches he/she to read, which sets everyone off, then the he/she realizes they don't belong and commits suicide. Like I said, lame. I won't even mention the captain's side story of flying around inside a star with the one-armed killer from the Fugitive.

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