Monday, May 12, 2003

TV News and Reviews

ANGEL Renewed!!: FYI for all you fans out there, Variety magazine and USA Today are reporting that Angel has indeed been renewed for another season and that James Marsters ("Spike") will be coming over the Buffy (the series is ending next week) to join the cast. No word on other cast members (Xander, Willow, etc.) or writers/production staff coming over to the only current Joss Whedon show. Sounds like Cordy is out, though - good, considering she spent most of this season in a coma. With last week's season finale bringing the Conner storyline to a pleasant close, I would be surprised if we see Conner or Cordy again.

Angel review from last week: Angel wrapped up its fourth season with an amazingly witty transitional episode to set up next season - basically, Wolfram and Hart have decided to abandon Los Angeles and offered its LA Office, with its hundred of staff members and vast office space, to Angel Inc. The episode consisted mainly of tours as Angel and his group of the expansive W&H office complex - "Good Morning, Mr. Angel!" Fred toured the scince area - they had a working wormhole in one corner, and the head scientist told her she'd be in charge. Lorne got to meet all the artists and singers under contract with the W&H Entertainment division, Wesley yakked it up with a stuffy ex-Watcher who heads the Research Department, and Gunn had a mysterious run in with a large black tiger in the famous white room. But the real decision-maker, Angel, was pulled away from his Lyla tour by a hostage crisis at a Sporting Good shop - seems Conner had wired Cordy and a dozen innocents to explode. At this point, Angel understands that he will never be able to make his son happy - instead, he uses the power of W&H to place Conner with a caring family, apparently wiping his memory at the same time. Seeing the power of W&H, Angel accepts their offer. Lyla gives him a dossier of information and an amulet related to The First, sending him off to Sunnydale to help Buffy. Overall, an excellent episode, one of the best ever. It really sets up an interesting season to come, considering that Spike is in and Conner and Cordy are out, according to rumors. I wonder what role Spike could play at W&H.

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