Thursday, May 22, 2003

TV News and Reviews

Enterprise Season Finale - Well, Enterprise has finally lifted its game up a notch or two and delivered a good, dense, well paced episode that sets up what could potentially be a very good season to come. After a mysterious probe attacks earth, killing millions of inhabitants, the Enterprise is recalled to Earth to be retrofitted and upgraded. A contact from the future gives Archer mankind's only lead as to who is behind the attack - the Xindi, a heretofore unseen alien species - they have found out that mankind will be responsible for their destruction some 400 years in the future. Again weaving in bits of the time-travel civil war that has remained mostly in the background for the past two seasons, Archer sets out to for a dangerous area of space to investigate. Along the way, we get to see Archer's new 'take no prisoners' attitude as he deploys his new 'photon torpedoes' and destroys a Klingon pursuer. All in all, a nice tone was set for next year - I just hope they can deliver on it.

24 Season Finale - What a top notch show this is, and what a great season finale. I'm not Buy the first season HERE on DVD!going to go through every single thing about this episode - do yourself a favor and catch one of the FX replays. Jack and Palmer and the gang really deliver in this knockout episode - it was great to see Mandy from the first season make a guest appearance, and I have to know what will happen to Palmer! When will the third season start up - it can't start the next day, with Palmer and Jack in the hospital and everyone VERY tired from no sleep and no breakfast. Hopefully it will pick up a week or so later, with maybe the president in a coma and Jack chasing down an antidote. But what did Jack whisper to Nina when no one else was listening? Did Nina get away? And what about Kim's one-legged boyfriend?

BuffyBuffy Series Finale - Well, I'm sorry to see it go, but I'm glad Buffy is going out at or near the top instead of lingering on for three years with sad, tortured plots that have been done before and the occasional 'special guest appearance' by what used to be series regulars. And by the way, Mulder and Scully left to do movies, right - have they been in anything? But I digress. Buffy wrapped up seven years with an overall strong episode, though one that left me feeling a little dissappointed on a few fronts. SPOILERS. I didn't like Anya getting killed off, or Xanders reaction to it. Of course I always complain when they DON'T kill people off (see Star Trek: Nemesis), but I felt they handled it a little too lightly for a series regular for several years. She dies, and then Xander and Andrew have a little discussion about it. End of story. I also don't buy that there are now 10,000 full-blown slayers running around, all wielding the power. But for me, the worst part was the very end when Willow asks Buffy "what are we going to do now?" and it just fades out before she gets to say anything. HELLO! Let the title character say something as the show ends! Yeah, and good the CRATER that is Sunnydale - what, will people think a meteor hit there or something? Overall a little saddened by the show's final episode, but I'm curious to see how Spike, who evidently died, will magically resurface over on Angel, where he has been signed to join the cast next year. Will he be a higher power? Did the amulet cause him to change into a different type of creature, or return him to his human form? And how will he and Buffy date if he's on Angel's show and she's not? All good questions - we will see. Sounds like they had a great Buffy Bash in LA in conjunction with the Aint It Cool News website.

Movie News and Reviews

Matrix Reloaded Review: Overall, a very good film, on par with the first. Much more confusing, with layers upon layers added - more mythology, more kung fu, more discussion of the Matrix, its origins, its programmer, rouge programs that run around uncontrolled, and Agent Smith is freed from the confines of the Matrix. Lots of fun, but it made a lot more sense the second time around - I could concentrate on what was happening on the screen instead of trying to guess what would come next or being dissappointed about what wasn't there. They didn't like it much over at Ain't It Cool News. Overall, a good film with a few embarrassing points (the rave scene was painful to look at) and lots to think about. Go with your friends, then go out for coffee and pie afterwards - should be a good discussion. 7 of 10.

Xmen 2 - Xmen United Review: Overall, a very good film, better than the first. Brian Singer (the director) is on record as saying that first film didn't live up to his expectations - he said he felt a lot of studio pressure to make a certain type of film, and he felt it suffered for it. Well, this time around, he's helmed a winning script and honed the final product into something any Xmen fan would be happy with - lots of great dialog, some really nice action, and a few funny twists that kept me interested all the way through. Much better than the first, this film stands on its own as one of the best comic book-inspired films to date. 7 of 10.

Identity Review: Do yourself a favor and see this film. It sucks you in because you THINK you know where it's going and you THINK you know what it's about. You're so smug, sitting there, whining to yourself about this and that and how predictable it all is and then SUDDENLY everything is different and you're rethinking the entire film. You're rewinding the whole thing in your head, recasting everything that has happened up to that point and trying to figure out what it all means and where it is going to go. Gripping, exciting, scary, inventive, and all around amazing. Go see it. 8 of 10

Fun Stuff

  • A little possible news on the Two Towers and Return of the King.
  • Tim Burton might helm a remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?
  • Would someone really green light a sequel to Dungeons and Dragons?
  • Cinescape has a bunch of exclusive photos from the Buffy wrap party.
  • The guy that played Tank in the original Matrix sues for lost wages after they don't use him in the sequels - he's even got a fan club of sorts.
  • Halle Berry breaks her arm on set of her latest film, GOTHIKA
  • Finally, someone compiled The Complete Military History of France.
  • Two pictures of Zora from Joe Millionaire here and here.
  • Stupidity Never Takes a Day off (in Pictures)
  • The Anna Nicole Drinking Game
  • That doofy-looking Star Wars Kid that is all the rage goes mainstream

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