Monday, July 7, 2003 / Business / Website turns tables on government officials

Watch out, Government - We've Got Our Eye on You, Now:

You've heard about the government's "Total Information Awareness," where they propose to collect unlimited amounts of information about every US Citizen? Well, welcome to the Citizen Information Agency! Read this great article over at the Boston Globe - it's about a new Web Site created by MIT called Government Information Awareness, where they will track information on all government efforts and employees. Sounds like fun!

"Website turns tables on government officials. Annoyed by the prospect of a massive new federal surveillance system, two researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are celebrating the Fourth of July with a new Internet service that will let citizens create dossiers on government officials. The system will start by offering standard background information on politicians, but then go one bold step further, by asking Internet users to submit their own intelligence reports on government officials -- reports that will be published with no effort to verify their accuracy. "It's sort of a citizen's intelligence agency," said Chris Csikszentmihalyi, assistant professor at the MIT Media Lab. He and graduate student Ryan McKinley created the Government Information Awareness (GIA) project as a response to the US government's Total Information Awareness program (TIA). "

UPDATE: When I checked the site, they were experiencing high traffic and none of the real-time options were available. Looks good, though - I can't wait to post with my "guess who I saw at dinner with who" tidbits...

Trivia Contest #3

Well, the last two went well, so here's another one. First person to identify the quote is famous! Take a second and email me with the answer.

"What on Earth's this thing I'm wearing?
Radiation suit? Of course, because of all
the fallout from the atomic wars!"

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