Thursday, July 3, 2003

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If anyone is looking for anything in particular, let me know. I love researching stuff!. The other day, someone wanted me to track down pictures of a particular actress. And anybody who wants to LINK to my blog, PLEASE feel free to do so! Just drop me a line so I can talk up your site for you!

Movie and TV News

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: The One has a report on some of the recent reshoots taking place, including some minor spoilers and a little news about Shelob. "Shelob will be a 5 meter-high monster, really fast, who stops in a second to fix her eyes on her prey." And this Italian Magazine has a few Shelob's Lair pix for those interested. Be patient - they take a while to load.

Shrek 2 and other Dreamworks Animated films: Over at AICN, they've got an advanced look at some posters for SHREK 2, MADAGASCAR & SHARKSLAYER - Dreamworks' CG on Display!!!

Spiderman 2: Cinescape is reporting that in Variety there's a quick mention that Columbia Pictures plans on releasing the first trailer for SPIDER-MAN 2 this coming November. No info was given as to which film(s) the SPIDEY 2 trailer may run with or when in November we'll get to see it. At least it gives us an idea when we can expect to see Doc Ock in action.

Another Batman Movie: Those Batman 5 rumors are swirling again - why can't this series just die?

Indiana Jones 4: AICN is also reporting that Steven Spielberg may or may not be directing the next Indiana Jones movie. It sounds like the script is done but some of the major players are still on the fence.

Threat Matrix: Sounds like someone is copying "24" but without the cool, realtime gimmick. Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery? Read the early review over at Ain't it Cool News.

Smallville: Will Batman and other DC Comics characters possibly show up on Smallville this upcoming season?

Dead Zone: One of the best shows on TV is back with 7 all-new episodes starting July 6th! Catch them if you can! I'm a big fan of the Dead Zone series, being pleasantly surprised at how they keep it fresh and constantly reference the movie and film without ACTUALLY going down those dark paths. Here is a link to a superb EPISODE GUIDE .

A Group of Rumors: A great article over at Ain't it Cool News summarizes the latest rumors/speculations on several important TV shows. Check out the article-here are the highlights on only the shows that interest me:

Alias: Will Tippin really did indeed live through the season finale’s confrontation with Sark’s girlfriend, Allison “Fake Francie” Doren. Greg Grunberg is upgraded to series regular, but it may not be a permanent promotion: For the 2004-2005 season, “Alias” mastermind J.J. Abrams plans to make Grunberg the star of his proposed “Midnight Run”-ish new ABC series about bounty hunters. Still undetermined: what’s happened to Marshall Flinkman and new girlfriend Carrie Bowman during the two years Syd was missing.

24 - Season Three: "It's going to be about two, two-and-a-half years later," co-creator Howard Gordon tells "Many things may have changed. It's a fair amount of time for old wounds to have healed and new ones to have been inflicted." Rumors abound. Will David Palmer reawaken after a long coma? Is Prescott now president? Is Mike Novik vice president? Have Jack and Kate grown closer, or even married? Will Kim play a more central role, or will she be reduced to guest appearances? Producers are reportedly casting about for actors to play a couple of Latin American drug lords and a young male partner for Bauer. The second-season DVD, with a street date of Sept. 23, will be a lot more elaborate than that quickie season-one set, with 44 deleted scenes (!), loads of commentaries, featurettes and alternate endings (!!).

Angel: The fifth-season opener, scripted by Joss Whedon, will introduce a young Wolfram & Hart liaison named Eve, who will explain in smirky detail why it behooves Team Angel to use the L.A. branch rather than trash it from the inside. Eve will also explain that Lilah won’t be a big presence this season, as keeping dead people on the earthly plane is pricey! Speaking of which, James Marsters insists in interviews that Spike won’t “pull a Darla” and return as a human. The prevailing rumor these days is that William the Bloody will “pull a Dennis” instead, and reappear as a ghost. (The same rumors suggest that the Spike-as-spirit idea was going to be a component of the “Faith on a motorcyle” spinoff, had it gone forward.) In any case, a non-corporeal Spike might certainly find his new status impeding his ability to date a certain newly-homeless vampire slayer.

Firefly: No news here, unfortunately, due to the series 'cancelled' status. Still, there’s a big “Firefly” DVD coming in late autumn, with commentaries, bloopers, special features and three unaired episodes. One of the unseen installments (“Trash”) was co-written by “Tick” mastermind Ben Edlund, the second (“Heart of Gold”) was penned by the mysterious Brent Matthews, and the third (“The Message”) was written and directed by Tim Minear, who subsequently wrote and directed the spectacular “Angel” season finale a few months ago. Series mastermind Joss Whedon says he’s hard at work scripting a prospective “Firefly” motion picture.

The Sopranos: Currently shooting its fifth season, the flagship HBO drama is now set to add a 10-episode sixth season at some point. We’ve just heard the series’ crew shot an insanely violent scene involving an Emmy trophy, so don’t be surprised if Tony & Crew turn up this autumn on a certain televised award ceremony.

Scrubs:Following the cancellation of “AUSA” and his breakup with “Alias” star Jennifer Garner, Scott Foley will return to “Scrubs” for six episodes, reprising his role as the Sarah Chalke character’s nutty boyfriend.

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