Friday, October 24, 2003

At the Movies

Jim Carrey Goes Bionic Sounds like Jim Carrey will be reviving the Six Million Dollar Man action series by putting a comedic twist on the old standby. "Unlike the classic 1970s ABC sci-fi series starring Lee Majors, the movie--which has long been in development as a by-the-numbers suspense thriller--will now be transformed into a comedy vehicle, allowing Carrey to parody the action genre much in the way Mike Myers (news) poked fun at James Bond movies in Austin Powers. "

Matrix Revolutions! Early sneak reviews are sounding positive, but who knows - watching the last one was like wading through mud. I hope the final film wraps the trilogy nicely, but I'm not holding my breath.

Pirates 2 AND 3?? Sounds like Disney might try and follow the Matrix' lead and film the second and third sequels back-to-back. "Today's Variety reports that executives working at Walt Disney Pictures are considering making two sequels to this summer's smash hit, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, and that they would be both made at the same time. This kind of production was first attempted with the second and third BACK TO THE FUTURE films and was also used for THE MATRIX RELOADED and THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS as well as all three LORD OF THE RINGS movies."

Miss Congeniality 2 is a go, according to sources. Sandra Bullock will return. "Bullock's film production company, Fortis Films, have extended their contract which allows the actress to produce her own films and have a hand in television production."

Plug pulled on Affleck's "Ghosts" Disney has halted filming on Ben Affleck's film "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" only four weeks into production. Not a good sign for Affleck's box-office mojo. "'Ghosts' was to star Affleck as a bachelor who goes to his younger brother's wedding, where he is visited by the ghosts of his past girlfriends. In August, Betty Thomas ("I Spy") came on board to direct the film, and several high-profile castings were close to being finalized. "

On The Magic Box

Skin Review:The provocatively-titled Skin, Fox's sultry new entry into the nighttime soap business, delivered scintillating visuals backed up with an intriguing story and an incredibly interesting hook - while the world of their embattled parents rages around them, young Jewel and Adam fall slowly, passionately in love. I am more interested in seeing what happens to this star-struck couple than I am the machinations of their individual fathers - hers is an infamous porn king, and his is the power-hungry and bitter District Attorney who has vowed to bring him down by any means necessary.
BOTTOM LINE: Great show, if they can keep it up.

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