Thursday, November 6, 2003

On The Magic Box

Angel is flying high, with last week's Halloween Party episode (5.5) scoring many points and this week's episode (5.6) about a retired hero/Mexican wrestler sounding like a hoot. Check out the advance review on AICN. And just for fun, here's a link to the BBC's mock "Wolfram and Hart" law firm page. Check out their Careers page: "While we recognize that it's impossible to meet all of our demands without sacrifice, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a long future with us. "

24 Season 3 Not so happy with the first two episodes of theperenniall favorite - the tension is lacking and it was a mistake to hamstring the show's two lead characters with weakened medical conditions. Here's hoping the show picks up the pace before too long - or no one will care about anything except the outbreak of boredom.

WEE TIDBITS OF NEWS: Skin Cancelled Fox pulled their intriguing Romeo and Juliet update from the schedule after rapidly-declining ratings sealed its fate. Thankfully, they were able to replace the thoughtful soaper with the schlocky reality series Joe Millionaire 2. This follows on the heels of several other cancellations: Coupling, The Brotherhood of Poland, NH and Luis. More to come, I'm sure... Alias. TV Guide is reporting that Will will be back..."Alias hunk Bradley Cooper will reprise his role as Sydney's best bud Will in the Dec. 7 episode, TV Guide Online has learned. Word has it, Syd retrieves Will from witness protection and the two go on a big adventure together." Jake 2.0 TV Guide is reporting that the quirky superhero show that follows Enterprise has been picked up for the full season.

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