Friday, November 7, 2003

At the Movies

Matrix 3 - The Matrix Re-Ruined I went ahead and saw the third film yesterday (against my better judgment) and was again thoroughly disappointed with the film. It's almost as if they only had enough story for the first film but it made so much money that they were forced, against their wills, to make two more. The action was good but the plot and storyline were muddied and absolutely impossible to puzzle out. Harry over at AICN liked it a lot, and he found all the answers he needed in the lack of answers - he feels that this is ultimately about not finding the answers in a messiah, but finding them in yourself. I don't buy it - this whole movie and the one that came before feel like cop-outs, unable to fulfill the promise of the first film. Go see it for yourself, and let me know what you think. There are more SERIOUS complaints but those would involve spoiling the film.
Bottom Line: I actually liked this one worse than Matrix Reloaded, if that were possible, because I needed this film to make up for the second film's shortcomings. And I needed answers to my questions. I got none.

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