Monday, December 29, 2003

Amateur Ad Makers of the Left Unite!

… or at least send your home movies in to The website, sponsored by, has been sponsoring a contest for homemade 30-second commercials challenging the Bush administration. MoveOn, an organization formed to protest the impeachment of president Clinton, is planning to show the winning ad on TV during the week of the State of the Union address. Bush supporters may be put off by the content of the ads, but anyone interested in checking out the quality and range of grass-roots filmmaking will enjoy viewing the spots.

Firefly, as Seen by a Fan

Most folks know that an official Firefly boxed set was released just before Christmas. But an additional, fan-sponsored version can also be viewed, produced by Philip B. Gaines, a graduate student in digital media at the University of Washington. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Gaines puts forth his own idiosyncratic take on ‘Firefly,’ scrolled over montages of stills and short excerpted scenes. His production includes episode summaries and visual mini-essays on subjects like ‘irony’ and ‘violence.’” Mr. Gaines’ Firefly is available — only for feedback, not for sale — at on his own website. To request a copy of the DVD, write Mr. Gaines at

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