Tuesday, December 16, 2003

On the Magic Box

24 Season 3. First USA Today reports that Sherry Palmer will be back on the January 15th episode. Now, interesting tidbits from an alleged set spy make it sound like Nina Myers might be back soon. "I can say with 100% certainty Nina Myers will be back. She goes inside a very large white tent and is accompanied by some of her terrorist buddies. Kiefer Sutherland is already inside the tent and Nina comes out with some cargo. It is a terrorist auction for the virus that was used earlier in the Season. Nina Myers outbid the Salazars and takes off with the virus. The main guy at the auction is a British actor named Greg Ellis. He arrives with his terrorist buddies in some Hummer's." It also gives some vague insight into the direction of the show, alleging that Ramon Salazar's people will auction off the virus to the highest bidder and that Nina Myers and her group will win the auction and take possession and then Jack will have to recover it. Why couldn't they just sell it on Ebay?

Angel, Buffy, and Firefly News. There's a nice new article over at AICN that details the latest info gleaned from a multitude of sources regarding the Whedon-verse:
  1. Cordy will resurface from her mysterious 'coma' and return to Angel but only for one episode and will likely be written out of the show at that point (careful viewers have noticed Charisma Carpenter over on NBC's ill-fated Miss Match);
  2. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) is passing on guesting on a rumored Angel two-episode event that was planned to air during sweeps next May - evidently she doesn't feel like it's "the right time" - this reviewer wonders if it will ever be the right time...;
  3. and the Firefly and Buffy Season 5 DVD sets get enough of a rave to make me miss the shows. "If your budget forces you to choose between the two DVD sets, I say pick up the adventures of Mal, Inara, Kaylee, Simon, River, Book and Jayne first. The DVD contains three HIGHLY entertaining unaired episodes. And I’m guessing that while you’ve seen the all the season-five “Buffy” episodes four or five times already, you’ve likely seen the aired “Firefly” episodes only once (if you’re lucky)." It was too bad Fox cancelled it-shows from the Whedon-verse take time to build a strong, loyal following...
Ocean's Twelve Production Delayed Due to Injury. The scheduled start of filming on OCEAN'S TWELVE has now been delayed until at least April 2004, star George Clooney told Variety. An injury to Clooney's co-star, Brad Pitt, while filming his new movie TROY is the reason for the delay.

NEW MOVIE QUOTE POSTED. I've gotten requests to make them harder - so I'll post them for a while and if you don't guess it, I'll post a new one. Put on your thinking caps...

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