Wednesday, February 4, 2004

24 Season 3. Though they are difficult to back up or verify, there is a new list of major 24-Season 3 Spoilers over at Ain't It Cool News. Check it out.

Angel Episode 100. Things are heating up on Angel, with two great episodes coming over the next week. Tonight, episode 100 features the triumpant return of our favorite member of Team Angel, Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia. Here's what TV Guide has to say: "February 4: You're Welcome: Cordy awakens from her coma after having a disturbing vision about the gang's future, a development that forces Lindsey to expedite his scheme to gain control of Wolfram & Hart." There is a great, spoiler-filled article over at Ain't It Cool News by someone who has reportedly seen the episode, which will reveal lots of new information (as did last week's Slayer-filled episode)...

Rebecca Peterson over at TV Guide penned a long review of tonight's episode: "Charisma Carpenter returns as Cordelia Chase to help Angel celebrate his 100th. Episode, that is. When last seen, Cordy fell into a coma after becoming possessed by a mystical being that used her body as a conduit to give birth to itself and destroy the word. But although Angel (David Boreanaz) saved humankind from extinction, he could not find a way to wake Cordy up and she has since been languishing in an undisclosed medical facility."

Angel Episode 101. And next week, we go Back to the Future as Angel and Spike fight in WWII. TV Guide says: "February 11: Why We Fight: When a face from his past shows up at Wolfram & Hart, flashbacks reveal Angel's role in salvaging a damaged WWII sub carrying crucial technology — and vampire prisoners. But Angel's visitor doesn't want to reminisce; he's looking to settle an old score." Sounds great to me.

SPOILER ALERT: Also, I've been hearing rumblings around the 'net that a major character will be killed off in the next few weeks. See here for the details...if you really want to know.

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