Sunday, February 1, 2004

iconDavid Beaumont is happily leaving the small home town his father saved from a killer years ago. The only problem is, the killings have started again...

Hey, my first book is finally published and available for purchase! If you are interested, click on the Book Cover to follow the link over to my publisher's website. It will also be available on Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon in a few weeks. For now, pick up a copy from my publisher. And thanks for buying!

Book Description
Jack Terrington has an aptitude for getting away with murder—he’s been doing it for almost twenty years. He’s a drifter, leaving a trail of fear and death from coast to coast. Although he has always successfully avoided capture, he is haunted by the memory of the Sheriff of Liberty, Virginia. The man died nearly catching Jack—in fact, it was only by dumb luck that Jack had escaped. And that’s always bothered him. Now, he’s returning to the small town to settle the score. In Liberty, David Beaumont can’t wait to leave his small hometown. He’s grown so tired of listening to the endless stories about what a great man his father had been, how he had saved their town from a killer, sacrificing his own life to save them. David’s got his money together, he’s quit his job, and he’s leaving town. He’s leaving it all behind him. The only problem is the killings have started again…and David’s the only one that can stop them. Should he return to the small town he despises? And if he does, will he end up the way his father did—dead?

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