Monday, March 8, 2004

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on DVD May 25th. According to New Line Home Video: "New Line Home Video has announced a May 25 release date for the DVD/VHS of THE RETURN OF THE KING, breaking away from the studio's past history of bringing Peter Jackson's LORD OF THE RINGS movies to home video in the summer. Perhaps it had something to do with the 11 Academy Awards the final film in the trilogy won last week."

CSI: New York? Sounds like the folks at CBS are working hard to spin off a third version of CSI, this one to be based in New York City. Why they're not going with something interesting like CSI: HOUSTON or CSI: ANCHORAGE, I don't know. But it sounds like they're working hard to staff up and cast by the end of this season so that they can use the second-to-last-episode of CSI:MIAMI to introduce the new cast. And it sounds like Gary Sinese is looking like the likely candidate to lead the team. According to The Hollywood Reporter: "Discussions have been ongoing for the past few weeks with Sinese, with the hopes of signing the actor to the show growing dimmer as time went on. Then, late last week, negotiations picked up again with Sinese."

The Day After Tommorrow movie - New Trailer available on line. According to Cinescape: "The second trailer for Roland Emmerich's THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW has finally arrived online. This new look at the forthcoming summer film still places its emphasis on the stunning special effects scenes showing the cities of the world coming under siege from massive weather-born disasters, such as tornades big enough to flatten a city, a tidal wave that crests above the Statue of Liberty and lightning storms that are as large as a state."

Logan's Run Movie to be Remade. Director Bryan Singer seeks sanctuary with LOGAN`S RUN remake. According to Cinescape: "X-MEN director Bryan Singer has agreed to helm a remake of LOGAN'S RUN, with MATRIX producer Joel Silver collaborating with Singer. Singer is going back to the original source material, that being the novel by William Nolan, for a new take on the concept of a future uptopia society where no one ever grows old because they are killed. In the 1976 movie which starred Michael York as Logan-5 and Jenny Agutter as Jessica-6, the citizens in Logan's domed city sought a chance at renewal through a gruesome event called Carousel. In Nolan's book the citizens of the city don't make it past the age of 21. Singer wants to lower the age of principal characters to reflect the 21-years-old termination date."

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