Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Angel Episode 20
News on an upcoming episode of Angel, Season 5 Episode 20, has been posted over at AICN. Sounds like it will be set in Italy, and we'll find out what's going on with Buffy. Word is that she and Dawn may appear in the episode. Keep those fingers crossed!

MSNBC Ruminates on Friends-Spinoff Joey
MSNBC has a nice, thoughtful article on the potential and the pitfalls of spinning off a successful TV show into a new, untested one. Joey is set to star in his own show, set in Los Angeles, to premier during the Fall on NBC.

Simpsons Movie in the Works?
AICN has a quick report from a San Francisco-based DJ who got an opportunity to interview Homer J. Simpson. "I'm a DJ here in the San Francisco Bay area and this morning we had an opportunity to interview Homer J. Simpson himself, Dan Castellaneta. As the low man on the totem pole here but the biggest Simpsons fan there is, I was allowed to ask one question. I asked where they were on making a Simpsons Movie. Dan replied, that all the cast members had signed and were ready to go and the writers were in the early stages of getting an idea together and putting a script together. "

Fast and the Furious 3 in the Works - with Vin Diesel Returning?
Cinescape is reporting: "Diesel may be injected into FAST AND THE FURIOUS 3. Back when THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS producer Neal Moritz was developing ideas for a sequel to his 2001 box office hit, one possible story direction involved the return of Vin Diesel's character, racer Dominic Toretto. However, ideas for Diesel to star in a FAST AND FURIOUS sequel ran out of gas when the actor committed to star in XxX. That gave Moritz the reason to center 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS on Paul Walker's cop character, Brian O'Connor and introduce a new partner (played by Tyrese.) Now it looks like there may be hope for Diesel to return to the racing franchise that supercharged his career. Universal Pictures and Moritz are now working on an idea for a third FAST AND THE FURIOUS film and they want to bring back the character of Dominic this time. A script is being written by Chris Morgan (CELLULAR) which would move Dominic from living an outlaw lifestyle in Mexico to the neon soaked streets of Tokyo to help out an old buddy in trouble with Japanese gangsters. While the character of Brian O'Connor was back in the second film, Walker's character isn't being included in the current storyline for FURIOUS 3."

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