Friday, February 16, 2007

TV Recaps for the Week

Sorry about the delay - lots on this week to get caught up on. Here's the recaps. Don't read these if you're spoiler-averse, but I've put the real spoilers in Inviso-text...

Prison Break
Not on this week.

24 - 1:00 to 2:00 (6x08) and 2:00 to 3:00 (6x09)
Two hours on tonight. Hour One: Morris, the only person in Los Angeles who can evidently build a bomb trigger, is whisked away by McCarthy and his hottie girlfriend to be delivered to Abu Fayed. Jack is in a chopper and hot on their heels but loses them - he doesn't seem too broken up over hearing his brother died in custody. The hottie kills McCarthy and takes Morris to Fayed, hoping to get the $7 million and keep it for herself. Like I always say, don't deliver a hostage to a terrorist organization who just set off a NUKE and expect them to keep their end of your monetary bargain. Needless to say, Fayed kills her and tortures Morris until he agrees to build the device. Meanwhile, President Palmer/Principal Wood (comment if you can name that reference) convinces Assad (who looks just like Baltar, I think) to make a public call for help in catching the terrorists. Jack finds Morris and A SUITCASE NUKE and is too busy disarming the weapon to catch Fayed, who escapes with the other nukes and "a fully armed and operational battle station"...uh, I mean nuclear trigger. Good one, Morris - couldn't fake that, could we?

Hour Two: Morris and Jack return to CTU, where Buchanan questions Bauer on what led up to his brother's death. Nathan Patrelli's wife who is named Marilyn on this show tells Jack that she'd been trying to leave Graem for a while but was too scared. Oh, and she followed him to a house once where she heard him talking to some Russians. Talk about a convenient lead! Since CTU is looking for Gredenko now, Jack offers to take Marilyn out (no, not like that) and see if she can remember the house. Ha Ha! Good one! She tells Zephram Cochrane, who immediately gets his goons to plan an ambush. Why doesn't he just go back to teaching pigs to herd sheep? Meanwhile, various folks are planning a coup in DC, sensing the President is weak. Jack and Marilyn arrive at the house and Jack and his team head inside and it blows up GOOD. Marilyn and Milo, the techie dude flee, chased by Jack's father's goons. Follow all that?
  • Ending in Inviso-text: Jack escapes. Didn't see that coming, did you? Oh, and we find out that Gredenko set up this whole thing and that the Muslims are the fallguys for his plan to strike with nukes in America. Guess he's still sore about the whole Cold War thing.

Heroes - Run (1x15)
Not the best episode ever, with most of the show given over to Claire's annoying Mom and the pointless pursuit of a pink bag. Nathan arrives in Texas, meets with Claire's Mom, who blackmails him for money and decides to only share a small portion with her daughter. Sylar kills a dude that can melt things and pretends to be him with Mohinder shows up to interview the dead guy. Claire's mom is having mental problems, probably from having her head melted one too many times from the Haitian. Matt, the mind-reading cop, gets a gig as a personal bodyguard to the weasley dude that let Niki out of jail last week. Funny look on his face when she (now she is a killer for hire) shows up to kill him at a botched diamond purchase. Ow, and Niki throws Matt out of the window of a ten-story building.
  • Ending in Inviso-text: Matt wakes up on the catwalk of a sign outside the building - talk about luck - then goes back inside and retrieves the diamonds. Ha ha, now he's rich and psychic! And Niki gets her next assignment: Nathan Patrelli.

Studio 60 - The Friday Night Slaughter (1x15)
I love this show, but too many things happen to recount. I counted seven active storylines going on this week, but I'll hit the highlights. It's mostly a flashback episode to 1999 showing how Matt and Harry met and started working together at Studio 60 - Matt spends most of the episode remembering how he was a low-on-the-totem-pole writer and she was the new "talent." I did enjoy Matt and Luke (yes, that's the same guy directing the Anita Pallenberg film in the present) bickering over who has "dibs" and each trying to out-write and out-pitch each other with competing sketch ideas for Harry. Matt feels sorry for a fellow writer, Tim Batale, who is fired for taking drugs. In the present, Matt's losing it and high and everyone can tell because he's babbling and not making sense and talking about the things he's remembering.
  • Good Catch of the Week: HA HA I'm a freaking genius! The guy Matt is imagining? Tim Batale? HIS NAME IS AN ANAGRAM OF MATT ALBIE! ANYONE ELSE GET THAT?
  • Ending in Inviso-text: Luke's sketch gets on the air and Matt's doesn't and he realizes he's been imagining this Tim Batale all along. And Matt's high and taking even more drugs now.

Lost - Flashes in My Mind (3x7)
Desmond saves Clair from drowning and Charlie and Hurley confront him about his newly-emerged precognition. He tells them that after he turned the key in the hatch, he blacked out and woke up in what appeared to be his old apartment in London with Penelope there. In what turns out to be a dream, he keeps getting reminders about things that happened on the island. He meets with Penny's father (Widmore) who is also the head of the Meade family on Ugly Betty, who tells him he's not good enough. He tries to change his life but an old lady from the Matrix explains to him that it is his fate to go to the Island and push the button and nothing he does can change that. Long story short, Desmond's reliving his past and it's a dream and he wakes up in the woods and now he gets occasional flashes of the future.
  • This week's hidden clues: 1-NAMASTE in the painting in Widmore's office - according to wikipedia, "Namaste" is sometimes used in the context of practicing Yoga as a greeting or goodbye, generally taken as an expression of good will. 2-Even though it was part of the flashback, we can assume that Desmond really DID see Charlie playing music on the street outside the Widmore building.
  • Ending in Inviso-text: Desmond has been running around saving folks because he's trying to save Charlie, who he's convinced will die. And he tells Charlie. Not the news Charlie was hoping for, I bet.

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