Monday, February 19, 2007

TV Roundup - Yee Haw!

Heroes - Unexpected (1x16)
Best episode in a long time and a fitting title for a show that just keeps giving us answers, as opposed to Lost, which just keeps giving us more questions. Claire's mom continues to slide in and out of remembering things and ends up in the hospital, setting Claire off. Matt tells his wife about the diamonds and she tells him that some scientist named Mohinder has been calling. Sylar, pretending to be toaster-melter Zane, and Mohinder arrive in Montana to find a woman who can hear everything. And HRG convinces Isaac to help him track down Peter, catching him and Claude Raines on a rooftop (using infrared scanners) and tries to shoot them when Peter STOPS THE TASER BULLETS in midair and then FLIES AWAY. He's really getting a good handle on those powers. Sylar/Zane sneaks away and kills the sound lady, and when Mohinder finds her body the next morning, Sylar convinces him to flee. A new wireless lady (she can tap the internet with her mind) hooks up with nuclear dude and they convince Matt that they need to find HRG and get him to talk. Fast paced with lots of twists, this was the best Heroes episode in a while.

  • Ending in Inviso-text: Matt and Radioactive Man are waiting for Claire and HRG when they bring Mommy home from the hospital. And Peter confronts Isaac for turning him in. They fight, Peter goes INVISIBLE and uses his TELEKENETIC powers but Isaac grabs the gun and tries to shoot Peter. Instead, he shoots Simone, killing her. Like I said, great episode.
Battlestar Galactica - A Day in the Life (3x15)
Sunday night's Galactica was interesting, an introspective espisode about Adama remembering his ex-wife and father of his two sons on their anniversary. We spend most of the episode getting to know Adama in a completely different light and learn more about his wife - he left her and his two sons at some point and Lee has never really forgiven him. At the same time, the Chief and Cally are trapped in a leaking airlock and Lee and Adama have to throw together a desperate rescue plan which involves having a shuttle waiting outside IN SPACE while they blow the hatch doors off the airlock and the Chief and Cally float to the shuttle.
  • Ending in Inviso-text: Cally and the Chief are rescued, and Adama, realizing how much he misses his wife, finally and gently tries to put the moves on President Roslin.

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The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Edge of your seat, to be sure, for Heroes.

Nice pic of Catherine McPhee, too.

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