Tuesday, March 6, 2007

TV Time - Weee!

24 5:00 to 6:00 (6x12)
Gredenko has U.S. Military drones and will use them to deliver the suitcase nukes once they arrive from Abu Fayed in Los Angeles. He's in the Mojave, so it will take a while, even in 24-land where time is somewhat more fluid than in the real world. Jack, working with Logan, goes to the Russian Consulate but the Russian Counsel doesn't tell Logan anything, even after the duplicitous ex-President threatens him. In the underground bunker, the bomb goes off, killing Assad and wounding the President, who is rushed to surgery, incapacitated, so the VP steps in to take charge. Lennox agrees to go along with the assassination plot (his other choice is a faked suicide) then promptly turns in the others as soon as the Secret Service show up. Jack goes back into the Consulate and tortures the Russian Counsel until he gives up the particulars on Gredenko, but before he can call CTU, the Consulate security forces catches him.

  • Ending in Inviso-text: The VP makes a statement to the American Public, blaming Assad for the bomb that injured Palmer and announcing new, sweeping measures to fight terrorism. Jack convinces one of his captors to call CTU with the information but the man is killed while calling Bill Buchanan.
Heroes -
Lots of stuff is happening on the Fastest Show on TV - it puts Lost to shame with how much they get accomplished in one episode. I was scribbling furiously and pissing off my wife, who just wanted to see what would happen next and didn't care that I needed to write everything down. By the way, the show goes on hiatus until April 23rd, so watch this one over and over.

HRG's got a blank mind, and tells his boss so, but before he had his own mind wiped by the Haitian, he told his wife everything. She gives him a note he wrote himself not to go after Claire as he sent her away for her own safety. Isaac killed Simone and tries to shoot Peter again, who flees. The Haitian and Claire are told to leave the country. The FBI, investigating Linderman, have recruited Nathan as their undercover agent and want him to meet Linderman and get incriminating evidence. Sylar has the list but Mohinder is onto him and poisons his tea, knocking him out. Mohinder (painfully) extracts Sylar's DNA to test it but then does the one thing you're not supposed to do - he lets the bad guy live just a little longer. Mohinder also makes some kind of breakthrough by studying Sylar's DNA. Claire wants to find Peter, the only person she trusts, but the Haitian says no, so Claire gives him the slip at airport security.

Peter tells Nathan about Simone and Nathan calls the cops, who show up at Isaac's place. Dead Simone is laying on his bed when the cops are talking to him and then Alive Simone walks in the door! The cops leave, but HRG walks in and Simone turns into the smoking hot new chick Candace, who can look and sound like anyone. HRG says that they'll clean up the mess and that Isaac needs to get back to painting. In Las Vegas, Hiro works with Nathan to get the sword, turning in the torn dinosaur painting. By the way, we saw two other paintings in Linderman's gallery - a photo of the floor nuke painting and a new one of Claire on the autopsy table. Hiro grabs the sword but security is called - Ando shows up, knocking out the museum curator! Niki/Jessica shows up and kills the FBI guys who are staked out in Linderman's hotel - just stupid. Didn't they see Oceans 12?

Isaac paints. Niki warns Nathan that the FBI guys are dead and that Linderman knows he's double-crossed him, giving Nathan her gun. Hiro gets the sword and grabs Ando and the both escape to the near future, where NY is in ruins. Interestingly, they show buildings under construction in the post-nuclear New York, which means the city is rebuilding and efforts are being made to recover from the blast. Also, Hiro has his powers back and can now TRANSPORT OTHER PEOPLE WITH HIM. Does this mean we'll see Charlie again? Nathan goes to meet Linderman - Malcolm McDowell doing his creepiest, who explains that he knows everything about Nathan's powers, as well as the other Heroes, including Nathan's daughter Claire. In two years, "though a series of events," Nathan will be the Vice President of the U.S. Obviously the bomb doesn't get him - I'm assuming that the junior congressman from NY-to-VP promotion must have something to do with his home town going kabloohey. May they give him the VP spot to make him feel better.
  • Ending in Inviso-text: Nathan wants to but decides not to kill Linderman. Peter comes to talk to Mohinder but finds Sylar has escaped. Sylar pins Peter to the wall and proceeds to begin extracting his brain as Mohinder, pinned to the ceiling by Sylar's telekenetic powers, watches helplessly. PREVIEW: Back on 4/23, the previews show a future with Nathan in the White House and Claire with long brown hair. And someone rescues Peter from Sylar. Come back soon, Heroes! We'll miss you!
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is on hiatus. NBC is showing new episodes of The Black Donnellys in its place. A full season of Studio 60 was ordered by NBC, but the Cincinnati Post is reporting that the show has been canceled. Alan Sorkin defends his show in another recent article about work behind the scenes on Studio 60.

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