Monday, February 26, 2007

TV Recaps

24 3:00 to 4:00 (6x10)
Gredenko is at a location with abandoned aircraft - it looks like the famous Boneyard in the Mojave desert where many airlines "mothball" their old planes and strip them for parts. He's annoyed with Fayed and can't wait to be rid of them. The President pressures a middle eastern countries' ambassador to get his Prime Minister to support Assad's upcoming call for peace. Jack tells CTU he's going to talk to Logan. Milo's having trouble working. Logan, under house arrest, offers to help track down another Russian who can help find Gredenko. The assassins tie up Tom Lennox and assemble a bomb disguised to look like a tape recorder, which the slimeball assistant chief of staff plants on the podium where Assad and the President are about to give their speech.

  • Ending in Inviso-text: Assad notices the bomb and dives for cover as it explodes, demolishing the briefing room. The President is down.
Heroes - Company Man (1x17)
This show gets better and better. Matt and Radioactive Man are trying to download HRG's home computer when the family comes home and it's Radioactive Man's idea to grill him in front of his family. RM starts grilling HRG about what he does, where he works, and what he's done to them, demanding to know how he can make them forget. Claire knows. Matt's not sure, but hears Claire think that the Haitian wiped all their memories. Matt asks the question HRG is thinking - why didn't the Haitian wipe Claire's mind? In a flashback to 15 years ago, HRG's first partner in his new job to find and contain the "Freaks?" None other than Claude Raines, Peter's new invisible friend. They have the baby Claire - they took her from a fire starter (who they think died) and HRG's boss and HIRO'S FATHER SULU are on the rooftop of the building in New York when Sulu tells HRG (who speaks flawless Japanese) to raise Claire as his own. Whew! Oh, and a young Hiro is in the background, playing his Gameboy. In the present, Claire and Matt get up to speed - she tells him she can heal and he tells her that Peter Patrelli told him to save the cheerleader. They both agree her father is up to something bad. RM wants some answers and is going to shoot the forgetful wife before Matt hears HRG in his head telling him to shoot Claire SO HE DOES. They take her upstairs, where she heals and spits out the bullet. Matt and HRG leave to check out Primatech and RM stays behind to keep the family hostage. In another flashback (14 years ago), HRG's boss (Eric Roberts) arranges for "a new kid we just found in Haiti" to come to HRG's house and make his wife forget she was snooping around his stuff and found a gun and sedation kit. In the present, RM figures out Claire's not dead when she tries to rescue them, then goes nuclear when HRG, Matt, the Hatian and Eric Roberts all show up. Everyone else flees but Claire runs in, saves her surrogate father, stabs RM with a sedative, then walks outside ALL SERIOUSLY CRISPY AND BURNED before healing as she walks across the lawn in front of everyone in her entire neighborhood.
  • Ending in Inviso-text: HRG and Eric Roberts discuss what to do with Claire as HRG turns her over to the Company. They have RM and Matt captured and sedated at Primatech. HRG drives Claire out to the desert, then the Haitian shoots him in the stomach and erases his memory so the Company can't find her. Claire and the Haitian go on the run. In the preview, we get a glimpse of Linderman, Hiro gets his sword, and oh, yeah, almost forgot. Simone's not dead.

Prison Break

Burrows, Scofield and Sara listen to the stolen tape (no, not the stolen DATA tapes, that's something different) and evidently it's good. We don't hear it so I can't speak to it. They decide to broker the information to one Cooper Green, an ex-associate of their late father. Mike meets with him and figures out he's a fake just before Sara brings the real Cooper Green to their hotel room. He listens to the tape - it can't be authenticated, but he suggests they use it to blackmail the Pres. The sneaky dude buys a big gun and finds a nice cozy spot to shoot the Pres.
  • Ending in Inviso-text:And the Agent from Invasion tracks the brothers to their hotel and races up the stairs to corner them.
American Idol
Don't care about any of these folks yet, so can't say who I'm pulling for other than to say that after last week's show, ALL the boys can go home except for Hurley from Lost and the Beat Box guy. The rest were horrible, especially compared to the girls.

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