Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Movie News.

Star Wars Episode III.
  • Will be in theaters in May 2005. Assume there will be at least ten people around the country who will line up to see it sometime in April, 2005.
  • No word yet on the title, but it will most likely be decided late in the process.
  • There's a new face to galactic order, and it's on the cover of the next Star Wars Insider. Issue #74 features the new clone trooper of Episode III, which clearly signifies another step forward to the designs of the original Star Wars trilogy. Inside, Producer Rick McCallum provides the latest update on the prequel's postproduction progression, complete with brand new photos from Episode III.
  • Leaked footage hit the Internet. There's plenty for fans to talk about this weekend, as footage shown at the private meeting goes very public. We have received countless reports of this, along with countless links to the video. Earlier this week, the retail decision makers and the marketing team from Lucasfilm played show and tell. Big deals have been made but before the ink could dry hot footage of the event ends up online. Plenty of action from The Duel is revealed, including moments where the two Jedi put their sabers down for a second and use the fists and feet. The montage is set to AC/DC's "Back in Black" - obviously a reference to the return of Lord Vader, who actually makes an appearance in the bootleg about halfway through in one quick shot. There are tons more tidbits fans have found as they pick the footage apart. Although Lucasfilm definitely must be upset, they have to find solace in that fan reaction has been uber-positive and everyone is thrilled to get a glimpse of the new film. If this footage is any indication of what is to come, Episode III is easily going to be the best of the prequel bunch.

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